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iClanWebsites Review 2018

A look at Clan and Guild website creation in our iClanWebsites review 2018. Another review mission this time with iClan Websites I immediately headed to their customer support pages. These two by the way, are owned and managed by the same…

Enjin Minecraft Website Hosting

A look at what offers for an Enjin Minecraft Website. If you are want to run your own Minecraft Server or you currently own one already and are in need of a Minecraft Website then Enjin has everything you need to build a website…

Guildomatic Review

Welcome to our Guildomatic review. As a long time guild site admin, I’ve seen guild hosting providers of WoW and other MMOs come and go. Prior to that, I have been a member under various guilds and clans and have also played a lot of…

Guildwork Review

We find out what Guildwork has to offer in our Guildwork review. How does a guild work? How to ensure that a guild will succeed? How do you, as a guild administrator ensure that your members will perform their best? Read our Guildwork…

GuildZilla Review – Closed Down

GuildZilla has now closed down. NOTE: This review is no longer relevant. While browsing the Web to look for hosts where my guild can create a new website, I came across Guildzilla and got interested right away. Why? The tagline, “Get a…

Shivtr Review presents our Shivtr Review 2018. “Meet the gaming world’s most advanced hosting service for guilds, clans, and communities.” is Shivtr's tagline and opening gambit. Find out if it is true.
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