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A look at what Enjin.com offers for an Enjin Minecraft Website


If you are want to run your own Minecraft Server or you currently own one already and are in need of a Minecraft Website then Enjin has everything you need to build a website that showcases what your server has to offer. Read the review to find out what is on offer.
Minecraft Content Management System
Built from the ground up to be the ultimate content management system designed -specifically- for Minecraft server communities. Highly sophisticated, customizable and constantly evolving.

After testing this Minecraft specific management system to the fullest of its extent what Enjin claim is totally true. My Minecraft Website was highly customizable and was feature packed. Most guild hosting services require to use external codes to bring a lot of Minecraft features alive on your website Enjin has done most of the hard work. Although there are still some features admins will want on their website Enjin certainly start you out on the right track with tons of features at your fingertips.


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Bukkit Donation Plugin and Bukkit Donation Store

The Ultimate Bukkit donation + website plugin for FREE! This plugin will be your best friend. It will issue commands to your server when users buy items (or expire) from your integrated store. It will sync your site access tags and ranks together. It will power all of your Minecraft specific apps and modules and so much more! A fully integrated and seamless donation store. Sell permissions, ranks, items or anything. Payment processors include Paypal, 2Checkout and Onebip. Sell expiry items and issue commands to your server upon purchase! Setup coupons, custom email notifications, purchase terms and so much more!
Setting these two Bukkit features up was extremely easy and worked perfectly. I have seen a couple of forum posts from users with some problems with this plugin but they were quickly resolved. Given the fact that Enjin has over 20,000 Minecraft admins using their CMS seeing only a few issues was quite surprising and good to see.


Minecraft Website Themes

Enjin features the most advanced & easiest to use theme editor. Create stunning Minecraft server themes with ease, and experience true creative control. No coding required! Just add creativity!

Enjin offers excellent Minecraft themes that are perfect to showcase your server and website. If you have no HTML/CSS knowledge you can still have a standout Minecraft Website. Naturally, if you do have some knowledge of HTML/CSS you can make your website nothing short of remarkable.

Sync and mimic access between your website and in-game server ranks, both ways!. Our plugin will do all the work for you. Get fine-grained control and sync abilities to everything between your website and server. Need to auto rank a user after they register on your site? np!

This feature is amazing for managing your users and the link your server directly to your website. Setting it up was extremely easy and worked perfectly. Of course, if you have any issues with getting both of these plugins to work all you need to do is post on the Enjin forums and you will get support quickly.


Vote for Diamonds

Votifier Enabled! Supports multiple Minecraft servers. Create multiple Vote for diamonds / Reward modules. A long list of supported voting sites. Add or remove voting sites to your active voting list. Configure top voter sections. Displays Minecraft character details and voting information to entice users to vote. Clearly distinguishes with green ticks which sites the user has already voted on. Full site and theme integration with optimized front-end UI.

For a long time Enjin did not have a Vote for Diamonds feature. Many users requested this and Enjin listened and released their own version that fully integrates within their Minecraft CMS. Previously for Enjin users to have a such a feature it required a 3rd party script was not easily setup for a lot of people. Testing the vote for diamonds I found that it was very easy to use and setup.


Forums with Minecraft Features

Years ahead of XenForo, VB, and IPB. Your Minecraft community will love it. Top-of-the-line, feature rich, robust and fast. It’s fully integrated with your website and in-game server rank management. Includes Minecraft 3d models and user in server indicator.

The Enjin forums are excellent on their own for any guild or clan but if you are a Minecraft user then the forums you have access to are even better. Visually the forums that Enjin supply are not my cup of tea as I am a Vbulletin user but they are extremely feature packed. Vbulletin forums can cost over $200 so getting a free forum that is specifically designed for a Minecraft website is an excellent feature.


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Multi-Server Support

Add up to 10 Minecraft servers on your website. Our Bukkit plugin will sync with each of your servers and you will be able to manage everything from your website. Create multiple donation stores, manage your per server ranks, Minecraft modules so much more!

Many Server creators typically host multiple servers due to the massive range of plugins available that completely change the way your server runs. Enjin allowing multiple servers to be integrated with your website make is extremely easy to manage. While doing this review I did not test multiple server integration but I have spoken to many admins who do run multiple and they all agreed that this was an awesome feature and made server and website management extremely easy.



Overall Enjin offers everything you need for your Minecraft websites. I highly recommend Enjin for your Minecraft website. I have yet to find a guild host who comes close to what Enjin offers. The forums are active so you can get all the support you need so that all the features Enjin offers will work just how you want them to.


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