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When I first started this Enjin review I was fairly impressed with most of Enjin’s features, there are other areas that came across as fairly standard and needs a bit of improvement. But since beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, it remains to be seen how other gamers like you would consider the Enjin guild hosting service. As one of the most established guild hosting providers available today, there is no denying though that it has plenty of aspects that make the other guild hosting sites (take Guildwork, Guildzilla and a bunch of others), very inferior. And for someone who has played under clans and guilds in various hosting services, I can say that Enjin provides the excellent features and tools.


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Enjin Themes and Headers

The first impression they’ve made on an experienced guild website admin are the themes. Not only are there top quality themes for Premium membership, but those under the Free plan are also something to boast about. They all have somewhat uniform designs but the visual impacts of Enjin’s themes are quite phenomenal compared to other guild hosts. I’ve made numerous clans and guild sites already and half of my time has been spent tinkering a lot with themes. The Enjin themes come as a breath of fresh air from the pact. There are currently 54 themes under the Free plan while a total of 180 themes makes up for the Premium membership. Another innovation that sets Enjin from other hosting providers is the availability of headers. Both Free and Premium plans can have well-designed headers with a total of 500 headers combined under the two plans.



Enjin Features Classifications

Naturally, the next step after covering design is to go over the features that Enjin provides. These features are classified into three:

  • Core Features – mostly includes basic tools and functionality that can be enjoyed by guild sites getting the Free plan
  • Advanced Features – the Core features are added to make the guild site user’s experience more streamlined, robust and generally awesome of course
  • Ultimate Features – as the term suggests, your guild website will have the ultimate user interface, tools, widgets, functionality and so much more to make your gaming life considerably smooth

As the masters would have it, Enjin was currently offering the Advanced Plan for the free trial in 2 weeks when I checked. So after tinkering with a test guild site under that plan, I can totally agree to the “years ahead and constantly evolving” slogan of Enjin’s Feature Highlights page. Their CMS has been built from the ground up and it appears to me to be one of the premier content management systems in the guild hosting world because it is specifically designed for huge gaming communities. Despite the sophistication, however, it is still highly customizable and I put many plus points for this since it means small guilds can also take advantage of their CMS. You can also share screenshots and videos to your website immediately and then chat with my guild members with their user-friendly Enjin in-game client tools.



Enjin Visual Editor

The visual page editor is another aspect I like so much because it enables users to get in touch with their creative side as you can drag and drop any content to areas you feel like putting it at any given time. Admins can easily define columns and customize everything to give your guild site that unique personality that sets it apart from other guilds.


Robust Recruit Systems

I don’t have any grunts for their recruitment system too because I can create advanced forms and criteria. In fact, I have started making some forms and submitted two recruitment requests so far. The incoming applications system is detailed and makes accepting or denying an application extremely easy. There is an advanced character management system that can be utilized when importing and keeping your guild characters and ranks, so when your personal page is visited by others they can see what games you play and what characters you use.



Enjin Forum Software and Community Interaction

Since I know how tough it is for a guild to establish a smooth-sailing community, there are always issues and concerns that are bound to happen when 200 or so people come together, I put so much emphasis on how a hosting service builds their forum system. What I found with this Enjin Review highly satisfied me as it provides feature-rich, top-of-the-line and quick forums which mean that your community will be able to interact efficiently with regards to any guild and game related discussions. The maintenance of their relationship with each other remains in their hands though, but I believe that forum systems can greatly help in giving timely updates and thus, smoother interaction within members and officers. I am optimistic that the forum aspect of Enjin will greatly help in enriching a guild’s community interaction.


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Mobile Ready Guild Website

For gamers on the go, a mobile guild site is definitely a boon and I was so glad that Enjin has already joined the bandwagon of getting mobile-ready. The unique HTML5 powered mobile version is a godsend for many guild members as well as leaders. Being able to communicate and post on the forums directly from your phone is priceless in terms of convenience and remaining active with your guild all day, every day.


Speed and Multi-gaming Support

Of course, what’s the point of having great features and design if the speed is not at par with my guild’s needs? As Enjin nicely puts it, nothing beats the feeling of instant response and gratification indeed, especially that your guild is a highly driven group of soldiers out to conquer other great kingdoms. Enjin is fast but sometimes there is some downtime. Being greeted by a ‘we will be back soon’ message when trying to access your website is not good. There are a few complaints on the forums about speed and downtime but Enjin has acknowledged this and are working hard on making the system better. Enjin also provides full multi-gaming support which includes specific features for:

  • Rift
  • WoW
  • EVE
  • Guild Wars 2
  • Minecraft
  • MW3
  • Battlefield 3
  • And so much more…


Enjin Pricing Plans

  • Basic Plan – absolutely free forever
  • Advanced Plan – their most popular which starts at $7.15 per month
  • Ultimate Plan – for the ultimate guild experience that starts at $23.95

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Enjin Features Summary


Importing and Exporting

For guild leaders and website admin alike the option to import and export from other forums such as Vbulletin, PHPBB, MYBB etc is a big requirement. Currently, Enjin does not have a way for site owners to export all the data yourselves. But, if you submit a support ticket they will respond and do the export manually for you. This is the only way to get this done until they implement a feature for users to do it on your own. If there is one feature that I feel is truely missing from this Enjin Review, it is an importing and exporting system.


Enjin Punishment System

Recently, Enjin brought out a punishment system. The system gives website admins the ability to create their own punishment and ban types.

Punishment Feature Summary

  • Enable or disable automatic punishments system (uses the warning system).
  • Enable or disable manual punishment system (Issue punishments manually).
  • Create various punishment types.
  • Set punishment to auto-execute when required warning point value is reached.
  • Select who can issue punishments.
  • Select who cannot be punished.
  • Punishments can ban a user for a specific time period (Minutes to Months).
  • Punishment can add or remove tags on a user with expiry.
  • Punishments can remove posting access on forums or specific forum.
  • Punishments can remove posting access on specific modules.
  • Posting access removal on news, chat, shoutbox, site wall, gallery & Forums.
  • Punishments include a subject and message body (Sent via PM).
  • Allow moderator notes on issued punishments.


New stretch goal donation

This new feature comes in very handy for those that want to gain donations through Stretch-Based Goals and it supports Minecraft, as well as all other games and communities. It allows you to customize your website or your server goals through “Goal designer”, which you can use to add new background images of your choice or to choose from the ones that already exist in their gallery. You can customize the goals even more by adding the system type, currency and a minimum donation amount. You no longer have to worry about the payment system, because the new goal donation allows the users to choose the payment gateway they wish and it allows you to keep track of all the donations you are receiving, while they will show up as a percentage. In order to attract more donations, you can tag the community in a goal competition, or the other way around, you can remove tags from those particular users once the goal is reached. As for the module, this new feature allows you to customize it as well.


Enjin Page Management System

Compared to the old website, the new page management system is much easier to use. The new design and layout are useful as it makes it easier for you to manage your pages and the content you have on them and the sections you can now create are unlimited. They also offer hints and help for the newbies that do not know much about the module and container placement. The paging system itself now allows you to set your view access to “Everybody” or to a specific tag or team and it also enables you to password protect it. The “SEO” and “advanced section” options are again very useful. Other useful features include customization of the 404 page, an improved page list with a “column” that lets you know what type of page it is and any issues it might have and a new section designed specifically for the page redirects which enabled you to choose who the page redirect will apply to.


New Minecraft Server Status Module and BungeeCord Server Support

This new feature includes, as the name suggests, a new Minecraft server module with plenty of new options to choose from and a BungeeCord plugin. This new feature also comes with a new style editor section that allows you to customize your server status mobile.


Menu module 2.0

The new module comes with a variety of new options, most of which allow you to fully customize your menu system. You can play with a variety of options which include custom images, menu effects and many more. In order to decide whether you like the new customized look, you can preview the menu in real time. If you are at a loss of ideas, you can use the toggle background feature and browse through a series of preset backgrounds to choose the one you prefer. The fixed or contained positioning allows you to decide where you want the menu to stay on the page layout. You can edit the menu items, organize and re-arrange them as you please, use images to define menu items instead of the usual text, all types of menus including HTML, submenus, division lines and others, an icon gallery and the possibility of creating and adding widgets, which you can edit and arrange as you please. The new menu module is attractive and fully customizable.


Profile version 2.0

The new profile version 2.0 comes with a lot of new options and features that allow you to customize your profile. You can upload a custom banner image, change your profile or cover banner whenever you want to, various options to edit the profile page, profile statistics and many more. To take full advantage of all the new options, take a look at your profile and browse through the options. You won’t be disappointed!


New User and Tag Manager

The new user and tag manager comes with a variety of features created to make everything easier for you. The default tags make it easier to filter and organize the user base. Searching is now much easier, as it comes with more option for a detailed search based on specific criteria. Other new features include a new edit user screen, user tag information, the credit and IP history and many more.


Enjin Award System

This new feature enables the users to display the awards they win on the forums, on their profiles or on their modules. The awards are fully customizable. The award popup box lets you know when you have received a new one and it will be added on your activity wall so other users can see, like and comment on them.


Enjin Support Ticket System

Enjin now offers a much needed and much-anticipated Ticket Support System. This system has the capabilities to assign support agents, get valuable feedback, manage tickets and much more. This tool is invaluable when it comes to running a guild and will save Guild Leaders and Officers countless hours. The system also allows members to quickly and easily submit a ticket.


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Final Thoughts

To say that my experience doing this Enjin review is overwhelming can be considered an understatement; Enjin has a massive line of functionality and capabilities that simply put others as child’s play. Although they have yet to improve on DKP management (this is what I referred to as fair above), the usability and robustness of its other features make up for the lack of it. On the bad side, Enjin does suffer from downtime as I mentioned earlier. The pricing plans are ok but nearly $30 a month for the Ultimate plan is a bit excessive. Enjin does work best if you have some knowledge of HTML and CSS. Without implementing your own custom features you can’t really make your website stand out. However, if you have no knowledge there are helpful members on the forums who will do graphic design, coding, and a few other tasks. Some for free and others not.

Enjin is definitely one of the best guild hosting services available at this current point in time. Although they do have some things to improve on like work on existing features that need updating or fixing. The constant updates, active developers on the forums and the massive range of features certainly make up it. Overall my experience with Enjin during this Enjin Review far surpassed my expectations.


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Amazing amount of features. Very active forums (also see cons), Developers communicate directly on the forums to user issues. Easily run a free guild website on Enjins free plan. Huge range of templates.

As Good As It Gets
  • Customization
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Themes

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