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Take a look at our Gamerlaunch Review 2018 and decide if they are all they claim to be


In a perfect world, it should be fairly easy to manage a guild – create a new guild site, pick out the design, add tabs, widgets, and toolbars, recruit gamers and there you have it, a fully functional guild website that can cater to everything your gaming crew needs. However, we are far from perfect and despite the huge developments in MMORPGs compared to the days of master Yoda, there is still a large room for improvement that has to be unlocked to create guilds that are close to perfect.

So let’s start our Gamerlaunch review. Let me begin with the features. Follow me as you may also discover usable info that makes your guild site mighty and strong in this Gamerlaunch review.


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GamerLaunch Features

When I first clicked on the Gamer Launch site, what struck me most is the smooth interface of its website design. As a guild hosting service of gaming fanatics, this should be a given. But there’s simply a unique personality to its design that is not usually found in other guild hosting sites.

When I registered to create a new guild website, the templates are equally crisp with that of the main site. In fact, I had such a hard time deciding on the best one because everything looks great! They have nice looking themes that gamers can easily relate to. And the ones that are inspired by sci-fi games appealed most to me.

I totally love the drag-and-drop feature where I can easily rearrange the tools and apps to wherever I like. This a time-saving perk for guild admins like me who likes to tweak tabs and widgets all around the guild site. Its CMS is also commendable because I can resize columns to my preferred size whether in 1 or 2 or other higher sizes. As somebody who has worked on various CMS before, I can say that Gamer Launch’s templates and navigation are really appropriate for the adventure-seeking audience. To summarize, the admin tools are robust, templates are crisp, and the guild rosters are user-friendly, which truly made creating my new guild site more manageable.



For WOW gamers, Gamer Launch can easily import content to my new guild site. From the WoWArmory, I can get character name, race, level and class, gear and stats and the guild roster. The same features can be imported from LoTRO and Everquest II as well.

Now for the game add-ons, I can use their in-game mods to track DKP, import guild roster, guild profiles and bank data directly to my new guild site. The add-ons can be applied to WOW and Warhammer.

As I spent more time creating my guild site, I noticed another remarkable feature about their tools, apps, tabs etc. – everything is consistent and streamlined that’s why I was having such a smooth time choosing my own widgets and tools. When I set up my first ever guild raid, I simply type the schedule on the calendar and updates were adjusted automatically. To say that Gamer Launch’s hosting platform is user-friendly can be an understatement – its user interface is so straightforward yet superb at the same time. Although I haven’t had the chance to try other guild hosting services out there now, what I can say of Gamer Launch is that it is a complete guild website builder that suits my needs.

The Guild of the Month is another social feature that I like because it makes me aware of what other admins have been doing to their site. In fact, I’ve gotten some pretty cool ideas from Guild of the Month winners and implemented them on my guild site too. My members love the add-ons happening every other month or so, and they are quite supportive of my experiments.


GamerLaunch Pricing

Pricing is very competitive and great value at GamerLaunch. As you can see from the pricing picture their Ultimate plan 2/3 of the cost of Enjins. GamerLaunch pricing is fair and defiantly worth the value no matter what plan you choose.



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GamerLaunch Forums

Although guild forums may be boring when there are only a handful of gamers around, it is still very useful for sharing tips and tricks and storing information related to whatever games. Moreover, members who are just checking the latest events and can’t stay long are sure to find useful content on the forum. With GL’s forums, shoutbox and integrated chat, our members are given an added bonus in interacting with others even if they can’t play the games at a time.


Supported Games

At present, there are 100+ MMOs and FPS games in the Gamer Launch system and I’m expecting more as they are constantly updating their games. Their base feature set of 100s are fully supported by the hosting service and their hosting products can support a wide array of advanced game features from Warhammer Online, Guild Wars, Age of Conan, Everquest I and Everquest II, Final Fantasy XI, and Lord of the Rings Online.



GameLaunch Customization Features

I was also able to take advantage of powerful admin functionality such as creating guild recruiting questionnaires. This came in very handy when I launched my guild as I needed relevant information from other gamers who would like to join. There’s also the power of giving users the permission of letting them manage applications, calendars, and DKP which I can categorize separately or combine if I want to. The widget configuration encourages more innovation based on what I need for a certain game or clan. Another breather for me is the advanced character and member management tools which aids me to come up with good rewards as well as create achievements to auto-reward participants. Even with those with minimal knowledge of CSS can customize their site easily.



So how did my recruitment go? I’d say it was moving so fast thanks to the excellent recruiting tools of Gamer Launch which enabled me to recruit different character classes who have the right skills in making my guild very strong. The options for available for member applications are very flexible as I can post new applicants on the forums or just make them visible to guild website admins. The privacy settings are also a practical tool for new gamers who like to keep their applications between themselves and me. What really rocks the Gamer Launch recruitment system is the ability to recruit from millions of characters 24/7! The possibilities seem endless from the Launchpad community and that’s why my members grew so fast.

Another recruitment highlight is the ability to let new members bypass the application process and let them land straight into my guild site through Launch Codes, where they can instantly use the site by using an automatic password system.



GamerLaunch Support

I haven’t had any glitches so far, but when I submitted a ticket for an inquiry about the raiding add-on, the response was prompt. I’ve also heard other gamers of being very pleased about Gamer Launch’s technical and customer support but I hope priority is not just given to those with subscriptions.

I love Slater, the quick-to-respond guy over at Gamer Launch’s support. His tutorials are hugely helpful. He makes learning new functions sound so much quicker because of his easy-to-read tutorials and posts. GamerLaunch also offers email and phone support which is a big plus.


GamerLaunch Feature Summary


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V5 Released

N V5 customization suite. Currently still in an opt-out beta, offers intuitive site customization process, streamlined forums, WYSIWYG editors and combo buttons, upgraded to a new responsive layout and added clearer instructions for how to make modifications to your guild website.

Fully Responsive

Now fully responsive across all platforms, PC, Tablet, and Mobile.

Twitch Upgrade

You can now add your own stream to your profile and through the Twitch widget, it will show the stream when you are streaming, automatically.

New ‘Banter’ Feature

A new app allows you to access your notifications and allows private calls for your community.

Upgraded Profiles

Profiles are now fully customizable, allowing your guild personality to shine through for your members.


Tournament functionality has been added so you can host tournaments right from your guild website without the use of third parties.

Pricing Update

Pricing has been adjusted and all plans now include voice communications. This is a big saving in the overall cost of running a guild website.


GamerLaunch Review Summary

Lastly, what I also put so much emphasis on when building a guild site is the level of protection that a hosting platform can provide. I’ve heard nasty incidents about armories being stolen and how other gamers get on with the loot by buying them cheap. Gamer Launch uses SSL logins on all sites and a restrictive Firewall is in place for all servers. Other practices they observe for maximum security are encrypted passwords, limited access, password rotation, 3rd party security verification and so much more. These kinds of SOPs made me feel more secure and so, the decision to create a guild site with them was sealed.

Overall, I can’t say if Gamer Launch is the best of the best guild hosting provider out there today. But my experiences so far in using them are close to perfect.


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Gamerlaunch is definitely right up there with Enjin. It is an excellent service and for those that choose them they wont be disappointed. There is really too much to go through in just one review. I suggest checking them out for yourself.

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