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Before starting this Review, I want to advise first and foremost those gamers looking for a new guild host or for guild admins who are planning to migrate their current guild website. Despite time constraints you may have, ample research is the key to find the right guild hosting that best suits your specific requirements. Since MMPORGs are dynamic, the support system of a guild hosting provider should be very proactive. As I’ve already done a bit of review for other guild host service providers, I want to stress that word-of-mouth is not enough- you have to test features, widgets, and tools to see for yourself. Otherwise, you risk burning your money, not to mention the time and effort you’ve invested in setting up or transferring your guild site.


Checking Contact Details and Forums

It is therefore important to be really sure that a guild host’s contact details are working especially the phones. Do a test call first to determine that there’s really alive talking person on the other end. For Guild Hosting, they have a Toll Free Skype number and encourage everybody not to rely on emails but to call them directly. I’m quite impressed by this. Also read the support forums so that you will learn how they respond to any user concern. This is what I did prior to registering with Guild Hosting- I poured over their forum threads and announcements thoroughly and poked around long enough to get a “feel” what it is like to be building our guild site with their services.


Joomla Dependent

The first drawback I encountered is that all their sites are built on Joomla so this is a big turn off for those who are not so familiar with this CMS, including me. However, it is also a major plus since Joomla is a dynamic CMS that offers a lot of flexibility in terms of content, speed, and adjustments. Joomla is also secure in that modules have to be of high quality to run well with it. Guild Hosting’s themes also look great although a little limited for my taste, having tried other guild hosts that provide a plethora of choices even for free subscriptions. However, there are a lot of add-ons that can be customized, depending of course on how far your expertise in Joomla can take you plus, what package you have subscribed.


Guild Hosting Features and Functions

I guess I’m lucky I came across Guild Hosting at this time because they just updated a powerhouse of some new features. The new advanced IM systems for admins can send IM’s to all registered members simultaneously and the Advanced Guild Recruitment system now comes with comments and rating system. But these upgrades are only for sites with 1000MB and 2000MB storage. Nevertheless, they are both great tools in saving time during update announcements and new member recruitment, respectively. The New Boss Progression Module is certainly effective in tracking the number of bosses slain and who are still at large. Other features that are sure to rock my guild site better are new full function forums with polls, forum avatars, server status module, new tool-tips on-site images and so many others – everything to let my guildies focus on the game and leave guild essentials to Guild Hosting. What’s more, they offer a custom logo crafted by hand to set my guild site apart from the rest. Now, our guild can finally show its own unique personality and a special logo can easily represent it.


Guild Hosting Protection

Another downside is that they reserve all the rights to your guild site. In short, the ownership of the content you amass over time while having a guild site run under their servers will remain theirs once you decide to leave. And the guild forums? It will have to go as well once you leave. It’s a sort of trap, a pretty darn trap if I may say so. They do have a good reason for this- to maximize the protection of their content and yours as well. Guild Hosting also assures that they protect all clients by ensuring fast and reliable loading times. They don’t allow low-quality modules that may compromise their server’s stability so a lot of components that don’t pass their standards are not offered in their hosting packages.
Tutorials and Pricing
After reading the FAQs, I proceeded to some V3 Videos Tutorials for Joomla 1.5 and was quite pleased to learn a thing or two but before I can apply some of them, I need to decide on what type of subscription I’d get. Guild Hosting is not making it easy to experiment on their services because they don’t have a free trial even for a week. But I’m hoping somewhere down the line, they’d thought of promos like this to entice more guild admins to try out their services and sign in. There are four categories for their pricing:

  • 1 Month Hosting Plans
  • 3 Month Hosting Plans
  • 6 Month Hosting Plans
  • 12 Month Hosting Plans

Each of the plans comes with 3 classifications:

  • Standard Hosting
  • Epic Hosting
  • Legendary Hosting

You can get good value from 12 Month Hosting Plans which starts at $7.41/month with standard support and a lot of features that are not found in other plans. However, as a starter, it’s better to get any hosting type from their 1 Month Hosting Plans. This way, you will be able to see how reliable their service is before committing to a longer plan.
Featured Guilds Section
I like their Featured Guilds and Clans Section because it encourages everybody to submit guilds to their database and it will appear automatically within 48 hours. Guild stats such as recruitment, server, rating, and votes are shown in this list. If ever we do decide to get a hosting package here, I plan to show this page to our members so that they’ll know our stats and get them to vote for our guild, too.


Final Thoughts

To sum up, although Guild Hosting is more costly compared to other standard hosting platforms out there today and gives limited control, I do understand that they put security and protection above anything else. In fact, I’ve heard that their servers are somewhat oversubscribed by now, resulting to downtimes. Even if it appears a disadvantage, it actually means more guildies are trusting Guild Hosting because of top quality hosting services. They only have to get additional servers to accommodate more users. So as long as the level of customer service does not wane, then I’m more likely to stick around with them throughout my gaming life.

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