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Update: We do not recommend Guildomatic, at all. It is terrible.

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As a long time guild site admin, I’ve seen guild hosting providers of WoW and other MMOs come and go. Prior to that, I have been a member under various guilds and clans and have also played a lot of characters so I’ve been in and around guild website builders in the past. Most of them offer more or less the same features and functionalities but there are some aspects that stand out from each other. From the most basic template to the more complex DKP integration, guild hosting providers are made different.

Today’s order of events is a Guildomatic review. What I learned during my research for Guildomatic review is that in general, it has many interesting optional features and the same with others, provides a Free account and a functional guild website within minutes. Guildomatic also allows me to post calendar events, news, roster, photos and more. And again, just like in most other guild hosts, it offers an upgrade at a certain cost of course, while the ads and content limitations are removed. An upgrade also means users can increase and improve customization and website control to make the most out of what I am paying.

So let’s proceed to the nitty-gritty of this review by first checking out the pages of Guildomatic. It struck me as simple; overly simple to the point of boring. The gnomes at WoW can prick their eyes just to find something more fun to do rather than look around Guildomatic’s website. However, I found out that Guildomatic offers a very cheap, if not the cheapest Ventrilo hosting price at $1.73 only as of the time of this review. This price includes a 10 person Vent server so it is not that bad especially if your guild is still starting out and it’s somewhat 4 or 5 members only. Certainly, you will have to look very hard if you want a cheaper price than this. The downside though is that their guild portal is still underdeveloped and in my opinion, probably sits on the bottom part where guild hosting providers are concerned. But if you are looking for cheap vent servers, Guildomatic is one of your best bets.

Since this is one of their stronger points, I’ll discuss their pricing plans in detail below.

1. Free Guild Hosting includes guild forums, in-game module for item auctions, roster update, item hovers for WoW sites and Aion sites, raid queue management, 10 MB of file hosting, upgradeable to Basic or Pro package at any time, and my own subdomain – but there’s really nothing new about all of these.

2: Basic Guild Hosting is at $4.99 per month which includes no ads and everything offered under the Free Package. This plan also includes Raid calendar, Boss progression, 500 MB of file hosting, can be upgraded to Pro at any time, and Guild applications/recruitment. Again, this offer is more or less the same with other guild hosts but with added functionalities and value. However, the items included here are already good when you look at almost $5 every month.

3: Pro Guild Hosting starts at $7.99 per month still with everything in the Basic package along with the features such as HeadCount module integration, in-game module raid snapshots and DKP support (presently only available to World of Warcraft guild sites), raid summaries and history, DKP pages for the guild and its members, complete DKP system, item drop history and a 3 GB of file hosting. There is also the Ventrilo capability which is the voice server for guild communications. It enables a status hover where online members can be shown and are integrated into my guild’s home page.

Custom Domain Purchase and Setup is at $14.99 for the first year and $9.99 for the following year. I’m always wary about long-term paid plans though because there are definitely lots of changes that can happen overnight for guild hosting services. And as for Guildomatic? I’d recommend to just go as far as their free plan so that you won’t burn money in the end.

Poor Customer Support

While these are indeed affordable pricing plans, what good will they be when there’s no support from the guild host? I’ve seen how members in forums have expressed their concern over Guildomatic’s lackluster ticketing system. Somebody who’s under a paid subscription has asked why there are now no admins responding to their tickets last September and Guildomatic only managed to reply last 8 days ago. The message said, “We are trying to staff for support. We do apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. We are not shutting down the service. Please email us at or call (415)346-6651 if you need immediate assistance.” Although this announcement comes as a comfort for paying members, I’m still wondering how come it took them so long to post an update. If they are indeed staffing for support, how come it isn’t done yet considering over a month have already elapsed from the issues sent by the members? This is a red flag for me but I continued to tinker with other functionalities in the hope that I may glean better tools and features from Guildomatic.

Summary of Guildomatic Features

The templates are functional but the interface is not good although the widgets and tools are easily customizable. The same with other raid calendars I have come across, I can track signups and manage events conveniently. For their recruitment system, Configuring questions and receiving applicants are also seamless. I have yet to accept applications though as I just started tinkering with Guildomatic three days ago. A practical feature I found is the alternate member management which enables me to link alternate guild members to main members. My guild members can choose to sign up for a raid event with their main or just one of their alternates. There is also an option to configure your DKP system to flow DKP from alternates to the main, which I found sleek for guild admins.

Guildomatic has a phpBB-based message forum which provides support for guild icons and shows rank for a post by guild members, which is not new too. But a helpful functionality is the capability of forums to automatically access permissions that are linked to ranks in my guild roster. It then allows me to manage the officers or members that I have given access to moderate forums. All I need to ensure is to keep my guild roster updated.

There are still many features I have yet to try but all in all, Guildomatic strike me as a mediocre guild site hosting provider who still has plenty of room for improvement. They also have to address the issue of closing down as some members thought by issuing an official statement in PR sites and in their own website. For experienced guilds out there, it is better to stay away from Guildomatic for now until they sort everything out. I’ll reserve another lengthy review until then.


Avoid at all costs
  • Customization
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Themes

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