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Guildportal has closed down! This review is no longer valid.
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Running a guild in WoW, Final Fantasy or any other MMO requires a guild website if you want to take it to the next level. As I have been experimenting with various guild site hosting services for the past month, I am curious as to what sets apart GuildPortal from the rest. You may have grand plans for your guild to make successful raids one after the other and having a streamlined guild website definitely aids in running a guild efficiently. For those new admins out there, guild websites allow you to manage guild essentials effectively such as posting raid times, track player progressions, sending out mailing lists and creating a sense of community within your guildies. Although it may not have a direct impact on your games, a more cohesive gaming community is crucial in helping guilds grow and progress. Now let’s get on with the Guildportal review.


GuildPortal Website Management

Let me start with how intuitive GuildPortal can get as it does not require anyone to have a programming background to use its features. The point-and-click tools provide everything that any online gaming community requires. I’m glad to find out that GuildPortal supports HTML, CSS and server-side scripts. Upon arranging widgets and tools, I quickly realized that GuildPortal allows a lot of flexibility on my part. I can click and drag widgets anywhere I want them to appear on my pages and as I was creating my guild site pages, I experienced what other guild hosts should have provided – all the power and control that guild site admins should have. Their community management tools are one of the most powerful I have come across partnered with the most active and committed staff. Now that is saying too much early on a review but let’s see the rest of the features if it lives up to GuildPortal’s claim that they are the Leader in Guild Hosting even with all guild host services combined.


GuildPortal Forums

As an element that helps define how a guild community can become united, I always place high importance in a guild site’s forums. It is where members interact and keep a tab on each other’s achievements, insights and plans so my when expectations were high when I looked at GuildPortal’s forums when I started this Guildportal review. Yes, I was not let down as I found all the stuff I’d expect and even more. It facilitates mobile updating by sending a text message on my phone when a member has replied to any topic I have subscribed. For someone who has to juggle work and family time, this feature is very useful for me because I can easily monitor the happenings of my guild. There is also the convenience of forum handles where members can change their name while in the forums to differentiate it to their login names. They are also given plenty of freedom in customizing their signature and uploading custom thumbnail images. The signature has a lot of options through custom content, an image or a combination of both or even something generated by their custom signature generator. How sleek is that! Plus, voting polls can be easily added to any new topic but this is not really something unique but what’s great about it in GuildPortal is that the topics can be kept at the top of the list or as they say, “sticky” or I can lock topics if I don’t want any more additional posts on it and I can move different forums too.

For example, you have several alliances in WoW and if you wanted to share a forum with them, you can easily create a sub-forum by setting it up in the Control Panel.

What’s more, you can encourage members and alliances to post more through five different ranks that are categorized through the number of posts they’ve made. After that, you can assign custom rank titles that appear under the rank images to give recognition to those who are most active and responsive in the forums. There is also the feature, Extended Security where you can specify only certain users to access individual forums which they can moderate, without having to give them admin rights over the other areas of my guild site.
GuildPortal Raid Calendar
Sign-ups for raids can be directly accessed by viewing an event on their calendar, which is convenient for me as it allows the participants to immediately specify whether they will be attending the event or not. This gives me and my raid leaders the number of people that are available for the raid. Plus, the participants can quickly choose the character they want to be and the role they will be filling.

The DKP/Raid points of GuildPortal are built-in which gives my event admins the capability to reward points for those who are attending events straight away with the bank content type integrated to enable us to manage awarding items based on raid point standings. Of course, this is optional and do not have to be implemented for my guild. Another plus point for GuildPortal is that those members who signed up can be notified through email or mobile phone when the coordinator changes the status of the player from available to confirmed. As for sharing raid schedules with alliances, it can be easily done with two mouse clicks! There are also custom raid categories that let me have the ability to provide different types of raids their own appearance on the calendar. I can customize the color of the border, background, text and even come up with an icon. The raid locations can be customized as well and if I have a super-secret staging area before heading to the main event, I can easily add it. This feature is great as I have been conducting meetings in another area before the main raid in some of my past games.


GuildPortal Rosters

For its roster, the features are pretty standard with all members of the guild being shown along with their title, thumbnail image, access level, medals, participation ratings and member-supplied field values that are custom built to the game that my guild plays. GuildPortal, I found out, understands how hectic running a guild can be so they have member-entered and maintained data functionalities to shift the burden of keeping guild roster information from me to the individual members. There are games, however, that automatically integrates with game publisher websites by the use of add-ons.


GuildPortal Social Features

The Guild Rally widget, (which I have already installed), allows me to contact members with urgent announcement or information. I’ve already informed them to set up their phone information on their profile so that it will be directly delivered wherever they are through text. If not, they will still receive notifications instantly via email. Another wow factor for GuildPortal is the automatic set up of blog pages for guild members as their own. This is where they can include a wall similar to that of Facebook and post status updates as they happen and an About Me section for other members to read.


GuildPortal Pricing

For the Free Plan, I got 15 MB in storage with all the basic features and mind you, they are very powerful tools despite the fact that it’s free! There are no bandwidth restrictions, point-and-click setup, CSS management and tons of widgets. The Gold Plan is basically the same but with 750 MB storage. Prices will vary based on the lock-in period you are subscribing:

6 months – $45

3 months – $24.99

Per month – $8.99

UPDATE: Thanks to help users of GuildPortal we have now readjusted our rating. Viewing the Twitter account of GuildPortal shows no updates since May 17th. We also submitted a support ticket and have not yet received a response. Obviously, the support rating has dropped drastically. At this point in time, it is best to find another host like Enjin or iClanWebsites until further notice.

Thank you for reading our GuildPortal Review 2017. We hope you found it helpful in your quest to find only the best for your Guild. Please comment and leave your thoughts and opinions on

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