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We find out what Guildwork has to offer in our 2017 review

Update: We do not recommend Guildwork as there are better options.

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How does a guild work? How to ensure that a guild will succeed? How do you, as a guild administrator ensure that your members will perform their best? Well, it all boils down to the skills, talent and commitment of your guildies. However, another major factor that highly contributes to successful raids is the level of support that your guild is getting in general. A reliable guild hosting service provider is therefore paramount to guild success. A guild site has to have the right level of support from its hosting provider whenever it is needed. The processes have to be streamlined and fast so that the guild members will be able to focus on the game and less time will be spent on technical stuff.

As a guild admin myself, I have created (or migrated) several guild websites under various hosting service providers over the years. Most of them can really boast of excellent graphics, convenient widgets, superb themes and fast loading times. What generally sets them apart are the pricing and customer support. Some offer good services at reasonable packages while others suck at understanding what their users really need, which makes their prices a bit of a rip-off. So as I’m about to review another guild hosting provider, I want to highlight that both price and customer support should be given more priority by guild admins out there. Well it’s a given that members will be more enticed by wonderful graphics and features, but you can easily integrate these features. And as long as glitches are instantly resolved by the guild host, your guild site will run smoothly and your members will be able to continue what they do best – play more and raid more!

Now that I’ve made that clear (hopefully), let us proceed to the nitty-gritty of the Guildwork review and help you decide whether this guild hosting will suit your requirements well. The first notable feature is the free mumble that can be enjoyed by every site absolutely 100% free. It has a 10-user server with slot available for upgrades should you decide to get another upgrade. With my Guildwork account, my members and I can log into Mumble through our accounts. I have yet to actually use Mumble though but this gets a plus point from me. So lets get on with the Guildwork Review.


Guildwork’s Game Integration

The Game Integration functionality lets me update guilds, characters and items automatically from Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft. What I like more is that there’s no uploading required which saves me a bit of time. Guildwork says they are going to add more games soon so I’m excited about this.


Recruitment and Widgets

I’m always particular about a guild site’s recruitment features. I even spend time examining others’ recruitment tools and see if they have better features compared to mine. When I looked at Guildwork’s recruitment tools, I was somewhat disappointed as it lacked the robustness usually found in guild hosting providers. However, I was still able to create custom rich-media guild applications. What they lacked in recruitment tools, they made up for awesome widgets with up to 50+ options. I can build beautiful pages with no hassle as Guildwork easily facilitates drag-and-drop page editing. What’s more, I can create my own widgets and this got me so excited as I planned to assign each of our officers to come up with their own widget. I will then choose the best designs and include them in our guild site.


Mobile App on the Go

I am also very glad to note that Guildwork comes with a mobile app for users on the go. Although I haven’t tried it yet, one of my officers is already chatting with our guildies and friends within Guildwork and reports that he is happy with the service. There are also push notifications that he can access and it allows him to be kept updated on the various news and happenings on our guild. Other members have reported that they love it when they can communicate with other gamers across a variety of games including FFXI, FFXIV and WoW. I take it that the Guildwork app is clean, convenient and reliable for users who need to move around a lot but still stay updated with their respective guilds.


Chat, Customization, and Connectivity

The built-in chat feature of Guildwork automatically connects me to my guildmates with no set up required, which is a time-saving feature, especially on my end. I can also customize my guild site pages through HTML/CSS and create custom widgets using Javascript. Unlike other hosting providers, I can get complete access to internal Guildwork data which makes customizing my guild site faster and easier. Moreover, staying connected is never a problem with Guildwork because it provides chatting capabilities using any Jabber/XMPP client such as Meebo or IM+. As long as I have a smartphone with me, then I’ll be able to keep track of my guildies and the raids and other activities that they are up to.


Raid Tracker, Speed and Events Calendar

This is another plus as Guildwork’s Raid Tracker is impressively powerful and has easy-to-use loot management tools. As a crucial part of MMOs, I am very particular in monitoring raids and thanks to Guildwork, I can use EPGP, Spend-All DKP/Suicide Kings, Zero-Sum DKP and Simple DKP basing on the game we are playing. In short, they have a customizable DKP that implements the most common loot systems such as zero-sum, attendance based, EPGP and so much more. The speed is another feature that I put a lot of emphasis on and Guildwork does not disappoint so far as it has lightning speed as a primary feature. Although a little wary of their claim that site pages load in less than a second, I’d say it is living up to its promise so far. There’s also the matter of informing guildies about our various events and gatherings which I can easily do through the user-friendly calendar where I can stay organized by scheduling events and having members RSVP promptly. Aside from the fact that it’s free, what is even great about creating albums in Guildwork is that it provides unlimited storage. It’s really giving me good value since I need screenshot uploads to share to my members from time to time. This is a feature I’d surely use often as it aids in letting members understand what went wrong during a particular raid or how to improve their technique by looking at actual screenshots.


Forum and Pricing

The forum software is rich and custom built for Guildwork – a great proof that they are serious in letting me customize features as much as I want while they maintain the clean design that they worked so hard to accomplish. According to Stanislav, the founder of Guildwork, “Mumble servers will be $1.25 per 5 slots stand-alone and $1.20 per 5 slots if paired with site premium. We will be offering pay advance discount.

  • 3 months – 10% off
  • 6 months – 20% off
  • 12 months – 30% off

He posted this on the forum and you should get the idea – the longer you are going to subscribe, the higher discount you’ll get. All in all, Guildwork is definitely worth your time as they offer most guild site features for free – a service not found in other guild hosting providers.


Not very good
  • Customization
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Themes

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