GuildZilla Review – Closed Down

GuildZilla has now closed down.

NOTE: This review is no longer relevant.

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While browsing the Web to look for hosts where my guild can create a new website, I came across Guildzilla and got interested right away. Why? The tagline, “Get a guild website built with your guild in mind,” on their homepage spoke right through me as that was just exactly what I wanted to find. For some of you who are new to the realm of MMPORGs, Guildzilla is a guild hosting service provider specifically for World of Warcraft guilds. Built around 2009, I’ve seen snippets of it before but have quite revolved quickly as can be seen on the various advanced features they’ve managed to incorporate on their website right now.

And because I’m curious if they are indeed the WoW guild host that’s right for our needs, I decided to try out their free one-month Premium service and see if they’ll be worth my time and money if ever we go all the way to becoming a paying subscriber. They’ve also included a “no purchase necessary” notice, and I’m always wary of announcements like these so I was thinking, let’s see. And yes, did I ever see a plethora of cool, advanced features in this Guildzilla review.


Get to Know Guildzilla’s Awesome Features

As a guild host specifically built for WoW, the website set-up was very easy and everything was streamlined. I actually had a hard time choosing the free themes because all designs look superb and crisp. But in my opinion, if you are really serious on attracting new gamers, you better make the themes as awesome as possible so this is not something new for me. Still, I was very pleased about it because great looking guild themes attracts more members to sign up during recruitment. Aside from the theme, I also need fast delivery of news to my guildies and so I sent a test announcement about scoring an achievement using the Guild News feature and it was good. The next thing that I experimented on was the Forums. Boy, Guildzilla’s forums have a lot of support including HTML, videos, polls, pictures, and what’s more exciting are the Links & Wowhead tooltip links, which can easily lead us to whatever link we want to share to other team members! Now my guildies can post their pictures or videos during a discussion on how downing a Boss went.

In addition to that, they have this Boss Kill Progression feature where we can chart the bosses we killed through a point and click progression setup. This is pretty cool as more guildies would be encouraged to raid more and more just looking at the list of bosses sent to oblivion and the remaining ones that still have to be slain. The Achievement Progression tool is similar to the Boss feature only it lists the progression of achievements and hard modes. Talking about raids, the Event Calendar is another plus among the features of Guildzilla as members can easily accept and decline raids and events. It’s a game style calendar so it is pretty easy on my part to set up raids too.

Now for the more exciting feature – Guild Rankings! As the name implies, I get to see how my guild is ranking among the other realms in my country and even in the world! How’s that for strategizing and bringing your guild to the next level? And I’m exactly planning to use this ranking feature to encourage my guildies to continue more raiding and killing hard to progress more in world rankings! I’m very impressed with this tool which uses Wowprogress data feeds to deliver my guild’s ranking straight to my guild website.

The Raid Loot Systems and Loot History provides easy importing of my data from any popular in-game loot system add-ons and promptly tracks who won what kinds of loot and when, respectively. Another turn-on for me as a guild admin is how seamless a guild hosting provider’s recruitment tools are. Guildzilla has a very powerful directory of recruitment tools that enable:

  • Posting of private comments among guildies
  • Using multiple question types in creating applications
  • Asking applicants other relevant questions and
  • A lot more!

Because every guild needs an area to store screenshots and real-life pictures, Guildzilla also provides a Screenshot Gallery feature where we can do it right on our site. It’s another practical tool that will surely cater to our guild during raid discussions, strategies and other guides. In addition, there’s also a Video Gallery where we can create a collection of useful videos for guild members through HTML embedded codes. I will let one of our officers take care of this as we have already several videos to upload.

The Guild Styled Chat room is another attraction of the Guildzilla hosting platform as it lets guildies pass the time when the server has not come back yet during Tuesdays. We can chat it up with others conveniently as the guild styled chat room is user-friendly.

For the Guild Roster feature, there are two different modes with one that lets me import data from the Armory, and the second which lets me use the list of members who signed up on our guild site. The toggle feature easily lets me shift between the 2 modes at any time and saves a lot of hassle. Plus, there are 2 viewing modes as well with the tree mode as Guildzilla’s default and a list mode where I can sort through various headers available.

What’s the use of great features when you don’t have equally great widgets to go with? For an easy read, I’ve outlined them for you:

  • Recruiting Guild Finder – It’s where to find guilds that are currently recruiting and you can search by class, talent spec, faction, realm and country.
  • Signature Maker Beta – for a stunning forum signature for any WoW characters, you can get the corresponding data from the armory.
  • Rare Recipe Finder – Need rare and hard recipes and jewel crafting cuts to obtain? Simply click this widget to use.
  • Realm Guild News – Want to keep updated with the latest news happening all around other Guildzilla guilds? Browse them by realm or by country with this widget.
  • Cataclysm Countdown – Get a real-time animated countdown for any raid or event which can be used on any guild site through posting HTML. It’s a wonderful way to share your excitement!



For the Guildzilla pricing, here’s the rundown:

$15.98 every 2 months (no discount)

$30.68 every 4 months (4% off)

$45.06 every 6 months (6% off)

$84.37 every 12 months (12% off)



Naturally, what’s a hosting provider without top-notch support? Even if I’m already familiar with creating guild websites, the step-by-step mini-tutorials really helped me a lot understand better the nuances of building a Guildzilla guild site. For gamers out there who are planning to build a guild on this hosting provider, I highly recommend going through their Support page first. You can also ticket any other inquiries not covered by the FAQs page but I’m not sure how soon they respond because I’ve heard of other users complaining about the ineffective ticket system of Guildzilla.

To wrap things up, I’m going to call a meeting with our guild officers and convince them to get the premium subscription next month.

If you are mainly a WoW guild and don’t plan on changing games anytime soon then Guildzilla is an excellent choice. Unfortunately, during our Guildzilla review we found the support very poor and to me, that is a big issue. Also WoW only guild hosting is a thing of the past. With so many FPS and MMO games at our fingertips, there are more and more guilds crossing over into multi-gaming.

Thank you for reading our GuildZilla Review. We hope you found it helpful in your quest to find only the best for your Guild.


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