iClanWebsites Review 2018

A look at Clan and Guild Website creation in out iClanWebsites Review 2018

As I embark on another review mission this time with iClan Websites I immediately headed to their customer support pages. These two, by the way, are owned and managed by the same individuals but they just separated the hosting service for clans from that of hosting for guild sites.


Guild Hosting Reviews iClanWebsites Review


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iClanWebsites Support Forums

As I browsed the forums of the two websites, I can see that there are some queries that are not answered as quickly as it should have been. But the moderator guy James, seems to be pleasant and accommodating whenever he posts a response. I don’t know for sure yet how responsive their support is but I’ll watch out for more developments as my membership with them progresses.

For the features of both iGuild Websites and iClanWebsites, the founders are proud to have been made their management systems from the ground up which is specifically designed for online gaming teams. It hosts thousands of websites and its CMS is relatively easy to use with no coding necessary. I can attest to this though when I signed up for their free trial as they provide drag and drop functionalities for their tools.

I immediately chose a clean template from the many available and while building the guild theme, I noticed that everything is simple and easy. Changing the design elements on each page is straightforward as well, and I was able to tailor my website based on my preference. They have tons of various themes too and are adding new designs almost every day.


iClan Websites Activity Feed

The two hosting services provide members with their own activity feed so guildies can easily interact with each other with almost everything being shown. Updates can never be missed and my members can easily monitor their team’s progress. A plus for me is having status updates and profile comments in the activity feed since as an admin, I can also track my guild’s performance in real time.


iClanWebsites Tournament System

iClanWebsites tournament system enables you to create both double and single elimination tournaments. The system allows full moderation controls so you can create, manage and run your tournaments all directly through your website.


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iClanWebsites Social Features

As a community of gamers, I need to establish rapport among my clan members and guildies so the social features of any hosting service provider are very important for me. Thankfully, the two sites provide sharing and communicating tools that are convenient to use. Liking comments on photos, events, posts, and news is easy and there’s even a centralized activity feed where everything gets displayed. In this way, my members do not have to check out their group’s statutes individually. They can view the activity feeds through side wide or with specific profiles.


iClanWebsites Forum Features

Another crucial element in improving teamwork is the features of the forums. I was glad to note that building my own community through website forums come fully packed with categories, moderation controls, board pictures, permissions and member ranks. Other tools that considerably make my job more manageable and let my members have more fun are the BB code, file attachments, like commenting and even the customized smileys that most of my members love sending out to others.

Compared to other guild host services where they charge for a customized domain name, I was gladly surprised that the iGuild Websites do not charge anything at all. It felt like Christmas has arrived early for me when I typed our very own domain name at iGuild! They also offer guides on how to properly set up my own customized guild and this is a very big plus, for me.


Guild Hosting Reviews iClanWebsites Review


iClanWebsites Administration Panel

With the numerous guild hosting sites I have reviewed, iGuild Websites and that of iClan Websites have the smoothest interface by far. I mean, they are providing more for less and for someone who has minimalistic tendencies I really loved their simple administration panel. I find it very easy to navigate with the tools located on one side and everything seems to be working seamlessly. As my website hub, I can change themes, create forums and assign members all in one place – my admin panel. I can also see who’s doing whatever and track everyone’s updates promptly. As I have the habit of staring at my admin panel when I need to make plans and decisions for my guild, the simple interface is like a breather for me because it helps me focus. Unlike in other guild hosts where the design tends to be cluttered, my mind also goes blank when I have to make guild and clan decisions. Kudos to you iGuild guys for coming up with this.


iClanWebsites Pricing Plans

The basic membership is absolutely free but the Premium plan starts from $3.33/month with 5GB storage. A 7-day money back guarantee is provided but I’m not sure about the terms about this though. Both membership plans have an unlimited number of web pages and bandwidth or usage. Other than that, all other features can be used under the two pricing plans which include Member Awards, Photo Galleries, domain name usage, HTML pages and widgets, web pages, access to all themes, Forums, complete moderation control and so much more.


Guild Hosting Reviews iClanWebsites Review


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iClanWebsites Features Summary


MySQL Importer

Now you can import your old/existing forums and member data from other platforms directly into your iClans Guild Website.

File Sharing and Instant Chat

Sending files to your guild members has never been easier. Now you can send files directly to your friends without the need to upload them to an outside source.
This is all done through the intuitive instant chat. Instant Chat has also be been overhauled with a new, user-friendly design.

Faster Page Loading

The speed of your site is important. iClansWebsites boasts a 55% speed increase. This has been accomplished through the streamlined code on the back-end and improving the hosting infrastructure.

Member Name Override

To some, this may not be important, but to others a necessity of running and administering a guild. Having the ability to change the names of some of your users enables you
to keep your website user-friendly and open to all ages.

Twitter Upgrade

Members of your guild can now add their own twitter panel to their profile. iClans websites now offer an Auto-Tweet feature, so you can plan and schedule your communication
so you are always keeping your members updated.

Improved Menu System

Unlimited levels, easy to use drag and drop interface, sticky menus, these have all been added so you can customize your menu even further and with greater ease.

Member Statistics

A new graph has been added to the admin panel so you can keep track of your members more easily.

Improved Teamspeak

The TeamSpeak servers have new features such as backups and uptime monitoring and connectivity checking.

Animated avatars, SMS notifications, rank labels and much more. iClan Websites have been hard at work over the past year to bring you the best Guild Hosting experience possible.

iClanWebsites Review Summary

iClanWebsites is an amazing guild hosting provider. They have a ton of features, easy management system, active forums and excellent pricing structure. iClan Websites are fast becoming the best guild hosting provider available. I highly recommend using iClanWebsites as the place to create and grow your guild. The addition of the tournaments is an absolute MUST for any serious gaming community. For that feature alone iClanWebsites are the place to be.


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Huge range of features, excellent pricing, and friendly support. iClanWebsites is definitely worth checking out. A little knowledge of CSS will go a long way when editing the templates.

Guild Hosting at it's finest
  • Customization
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  • Support
  • Themes

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