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Update: Unfortunately Shivtr has not continued to evolve as much as we hoped. So we cannot recommend them at this time.

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I was instantly drawn to the center box of Shivtr’s website inviting all visitors to enter the name of their guild site. Wow, it’s really quite appealing more so with the tag line, “Meet the gaming world’s most advanced hosting service for guilds, clans, and communities.” You’d want to create a new guild site right there and then but I have to see the prices first. And yes, I found exactly what I was looking for – a Beginner package for free. But not only that, they are actually offering a 30 day free trial for all of four packages available so that I will be able to choose the right plan to sign up when the 30 days are over. This is too good to be true I thought, so I read the rest of the page and went through the notice that says I can upgrade, downgrade and cancel any time. Wow, was I more enticed to try out Shivtr’s guild hosting service now only seconds after visiting their page to begin our Shivtr review.

But allow me to show first their pricing plans and the features that go along with each:

  • Beginner (Free) – ads are shown and Core Features are included with 100MB file storage
  • Advanced ($9/mo) – no ads, Premium Features, 10-User Mumble Voice, Custom CSS with 1000MB file storage
  • Superior ($14/mo) – no ads, Premium Features, 25-User Mumble Voice, Custom CSS with 2000MB file storage
  • Elite ($19/mo) – no ads, Premium Features, 50-User Mumble Voice, Custom CSS with 5000MB File Storage

The prices are more or less the same with other guild hosting providers I have come across with so let’s get down to the features. Everything is broken down into several main categories and we shall dissect them one by one.


Communication Functions of Shivtr

1. Forums – as a core requirement to manage my guild smoothly, I was glad to notice that they have integrated permissions, activities and ranks and I find the BBcode editor simple to write posts on. I can also customize sub forums and sections easily so this is a big plus for me.

2. Messages and Chat – apart from being able to send mass messages to my guildies all at once, I can also do the same to different guilds. There’s also the user status bar that comes in handy in notifying me of new messages. The chat application does not interfere while I’m playing at all as I can see it was designed with in-game chatting along with the WebSocket enabled feature. It’s also great that Shivtr allowed emotes and slash commands as well as color-coded channels because these add more fun while into the game.

3. Guild News and Journals – these two are well integrated with comments and permissions that let me give up-to-date information to all my guild site’s members. I can also delegate certain officers to post trough permissions and the atom feeds will definitely be useful for easy syndication of our guild’s updates. The Journals feature is highly practical too as my role-play guild requires members to post character stories. This is just amazing!


Guild Site Organization

1. Events Calendar – when I first check out the events calendar, I noticed that the sign-ups feature can be integrated to the calendar and this allows me to plan events and organize participants into groups simply by dragging and dropping my cursor wherever I like. The comments feature lets members discuss about the plans and may decide right away, saving a lot of time for me the guild admin and for all members too.

2. Custom Pages – since I’ve had experience tweaking a guild site on CSS, this is exciting especially when I’ll make rules and about sections. I can conveniently create information pages relevant to my guild, complete with the HTML option where I can embed advanced content. I already have a folder with embedded codes I’m planning to install here. What’s more, there’s a restriction button where I can protect sensitive pages that only my officers should access.

3. Guild Roster – the interface is sleek and the guildmates based on member, character and rank can be quickly viewed. This will leave me no trouble at all when setting up my guild roster and the details that I can add for each member profiles such as site activities, characters and their info which are also user-friendly. Plus, I can organize my members with corresponding ranks to represent my in-game guild structure. I should say sleek again!

Another set of wonderful features to make my guild site even more streamlined are Bank, DKP and Progressions. I haven’t tried these additional features yet because they are reserved for Premium subscribers. However you can decide to get the Elite plan right away after your 30 day trial period.


Game Integration

1. Support for Different Games – this is one flexible and versatile MMO platform as it allows customizable races and classes to put me in control and the design tools enables me to enhance my theme with the design of my guild site that’s right for my game. They also have fantastic game-specific features with the promise of adding more things! This feature is very exciting for me because as a guild site admin, I have to regularly introduce new tools for my members to keep them interested on our guild site.

2. Useful Blocks – allows for external site searching with blocks like War DB and Wowhead. I can also view in-game info like Moon Phases on FFXI and display guild rankings with Guild Ox. I will keep posted on this as Shivtr promises to add more blocks.

3. Server Status – as the admin, I am always concerned if our guild site’s storage is still enough with all the data members are adding so I highly appreciate the side block that shows the latest server status right from my guild site. There’s also a support for the current population and other related information for my games.


Other Notable Features of Shivtr

  • I can easily review guildapps and accept the best applicants promptly because I can collaborate with my officers instantly with comments and discussions. The applicants themselves can also comment on their own applications so I will be able to gauge how they will fit for my guild site.
  • Forming alliances with other guilds has also been made convenient by Shivtr because I can share features from my site across others such as forums, events and many more. I can also get to see who are online among my allied sites and I don’t have to worry about security breaches as I can control what they do while on my site.
  • Ahh, a mobile version. I’ve been wishing that guild hosts start adapting their platforms to mobile because I really like to check on my guild while on the go. Shivtr has laid the future of MMOs going mobile through this! Although my guild site’s 30 day trial run is far from over, I’m bordering on the positive that they will indeed continue to deliver what I’ve experienced so far.


  • Customization
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Themes

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